VagiVital Kit

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This duo is the perfect care for your intimate parts. Our intimate V Cleanser gently washes while maintaining pH balance, while the VagiVital Aktivgel intensively moisturizes and soothes the sensitive intimate area. Use the V Cleanser daily (instead of soap and other products with perfume), followed by the VagiVital Aktivgel. The combination of the unique VagiVital hydrating properties help balance, soothe and rejuvenate intimate skin. Suitable for women of all ages.

Stage 1: Clean with V-Cleanser

Squeeze the tube and take a portion as a pea in your hands.
Apply to damp skin.
Rinse off or keep it on your skin.

Stage 2: Apply the active gel

Wash hands with soap and water.
Fill the applicator with t gel (1 ml).
Wet the applicator's outside for an easier insertion.
Insert the applicator into the vagina (4 – 5 cm) and slowly push the plunger.
Wash your hands again and clean your applicator.
Let the parts dry completely before putting the applicator back together.


Refresh, hydrate and rejuvinate

Daily care loved by women with vaginal dryness, but also want the feeling of a hydrated and rejuvenated skin.

Everyday luxury!

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