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How does VagiVital work?
Today, both estrogen products and hormone-free alternatives are available for the treatment of vaginal atrophy. But VagiVital has a lot of adventanges:

  • Clinically proven symptom relief
  • It’s a simple formula with safe ingredients
  • It has a standardised dose of 1 ml with each administration
  • Non-sticky and doesn’t leave marks so no need for pantyliners 
  • Releases lubrication into the vaginal tissue over time, due to the low osmolality of the gel
  • Viscosity and low osmolality of the gel makes it optimal to adhere to the vaginal walls
  • Restores pH balance of the vagina
  • Encourages cell growth in the superficial layers of the vaginal tissue
  • Non-greasy formula for easy clean up after administration 
  • Developed and produced by a Swedish company focused on women’s health

A treatment course with VagiVital lasts for 30 days. Use the applicator with its preset and standardised dose of 1 ml every day for 30 days. After 30 days VagiVital can be used according to need and preference.


Clinical studies
The positive effects of Vagivital have been documented in a comprehensive study with 90 patients in total (designed according to FDA guidelines), and monitored by scientists from Karolinska University Hospital, Uppsala University Hospital, as well as University Hospital of Umeå in Sweden.

As many as 79% of the patients experienced relief from most symptoms (subjective assessments by the patients). Objective measures showed an improved (reduced) pH as well as an increase in the number of cells in the superficial layers of the vaginal walls. 

Other positive clinical effects were also documented, such as improvements in the symptoms of urinary incontinence. Overall, VagiVital has shown significant improvements in terms of both objective as well as subjective parameters.

According to these clinically documented results, we classify VagiVital as therapeutic vaginal  gel, as it does much more than simply rehydrate the vagina. The clinically proven effects on most symptoms (subjective parameter) are on par with those reported with estrogen products. 



Who can use the vaginal gel?
VagiVital can be used by all women who suffer from vaginal atrophy and/or dryness. This may occur during periods with lower production of estrogen, which usually occurs during, or after menopause or when women undergo medical treatments. But it can also be experienced by women who use contraceptive pills, during breastfeeding, or by women who suffer from vaginal dryness.