Introductory offer - 3-Pack AktivGel or 3-Pack Cleanser

Get a 50% discount using the code DRANIKA50 on VagiVital AktivGel 3-pack, which combats vaginal dryness, itchiness, and discomfort during intercourse.
Also, the VagiVital V-Cleanser 3-pack, an intimate wash designed to maintain healthy microflora, without any disruption. AktivGel has a proven extended expiery date. Valid until 03/2025. For any questions contact

3-Pack VagiVital Aktivgel3-Pack VagiVital Aktivgel
On sale

3-Pack VagiVital Aktivgel

$47.97 $59.97
3-Pack VagiVital V Cleanser3-Pack VagiVital V Cleanser
On sale

3-Pack VagiVital V Cleanser

$35.97 $44.97

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